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Welcome to my This is my first post.

Frankly I have not been watching the election debates much this year. I’ve been registered as independent in past two elections. The two main parties and their candidates seem to have fallen into suicidal herd mentality. One remarkable exception seems to be the 72 year old Ron Paul, who is changing the conversation and direction of the election debate in a most engaging way.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

Ron Paul has integrity, wisdom and insight that is rare in politics. It is worth listening to Ron, even if you dislike most Libertarians or Republicans.

Ron Paul: A New Hope

Ron has attracted large following among youth, students, grassroot activists and online Wikipedia readers. He has been described as “the mouse that roared” as the Chinese zodiac year of Rat started on february 7th, 2008. He is not shy about questioning our key economic institution the FED and IRS

Thirty-five percent of all Americans currently identify themselves as independents. Roughly 22% of the electorate are registered as such. A new non-partisan grassroot group CUIP provides tactical and political support to local independent activists, organizations and political entities, and they may choose to support particular candidates. Its strategy is essentially a fusion strategy – it is based on the recognition that independent voters can “cross-endorse” a candidate whether or not state law allows candidates to run under more than one party designation. (Most states don’t.) It’s designed to develop independents beyond the major-party category of “swing voters” to becoming a third force capable of exercising political power.

Check out Ron Paul’s New Book: The Revolution: A Manifesto

The book talks about Money: The Forbidden Issue in American Politics (chapter 7)

(To see what Dennis Kucinich has to say on Ron Paul please Visit my Source blog)

Here’s Emanuel’s Book and his plan for the Democrats

Another source for good articles you may want to check is in DissidentVoice

It is worth mentioning Jesse Ventura and his New Book ‘Dont Start the Revolution without me’

& a brave mother Cindy Sheehan’s  Myth America

BTW I voted for Obama and hosted a fun Obaba Omama Party in our home to celebrate the victory of the people. I am just intrigued by the strange political connections that forge in the name of expediency and try to remain vigilant… as unwholesome seeds still remain in our collective consciousness and deeply ingrained within our top-down hierarchy and behind-the-scene political, economic and social institutional processes.

I am encouraged to see Open Government initiative from our new President’s transition team. Public servants cannot accomplish the bold changes we need now peacefully without grassroot Citizen support across party lines.

“Perhaps we can begin the work of healing, reconciliation, and peacemaking. Perhaps we can restore a kinship that was once burned down by misconceptions. Perhaps we can unmask the heart that already knows we of one and of each other. These are the seeds to pass onto the next generation.” – Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Executive Director. Newsletter from Buddhist peace Fellowship 10/6/08

Check out Mindful Politics : A Buddhist Guide to Making the World a Better Place

by Melvin Mcleod, Editor in chief of Shambhala Sun & Buddhadharma magazine

to be contd..


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  1. I read your blog for quite a long time and must tell that your posts are always valuable to readers.

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