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More ideologies create more confusion and may defuse any real movement by the citizens across the board for real issues and solutions that really matters.

There has been a lot of media hoopla around the populist uprising against government deficit, spending and tax under so-called leaderless  ‘Tea Party’ trickle up movement. But why corporate billionaire Koch brothers are funding it?

Could Buddha’s Middle Way lead us to real freedom and happiness?


Conscientous Citizens must remain vigilant, mindful and informed and not give into fear or impulses of violence in our thought, word or actions. Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant. Have people been informed enough about this Universal National Service Act of 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2010 ?

The NY Times reports that the US administration now allows targeted killing of American Citizens, if suspected of terrorism anywhere in the world.  Why do we believe so much in making hit lists and killing as only way to bring security? Also do we really need a huge  civilian security force?

There is a lot of information now available in the internet about secretive elite groups like Bilderberger, Council Of Foreign Relation, Trilateral Commission and military intelligence groups and others. Question is how much they influence the decisions and election outcomes of our highest elected representives like Obama, Clinton, Hillary and Key officials in or out  of  public view? Do they participate in these groups and think tanks just to get elected ?

Even Castro is realizing and speaking about them!

We do not realize how we all are part of this dominator system by virtue of interdependent nature of reality. We can be manipulated through our ignorance, fear of survival, aversions, cravings, dogmatic beliefs and ambitions.

What are the laws and funding behind the Civilian Ready Reserve Corps? As a mopther, peace and youth advocate I ask each of you to do your own research.

What happens everyone in Homeland security, academia, business, TSA and Fema are just following rules under their job requirements and taking orders from the chain of commands with no one questioning any of this?

Learn about the Camp Fema documentary and the modern day prison camps here. [see Wikipedia ]

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

Fortunately some good men are speaking out. Here’s one moment captured in the European Parliament [Youtube]

I have come to respect and appreciate Ellen’s remarkable legal mind and insight into the current US and global economic crisis. Much of the history of the great American experiment in banking and finance is not widely known by public. Read her letter here in Yes Magazine

Obama wanted to make history with his universal health care reform. Millions of dollars had to be paid to bribe lobbyists, dealmakers and strategists. Some like Ron Paul thinks forcing a health care on everyone is unconstitutional, as the money has to come from somewhere else.

See The entire program at PBS Frontline

Here’s more from Dennis Kucinich who says War threatens our national and financial security.

In order to be fair and optimist about our President and his crew I like to bring out a few shining things Obama is doing.

President Barack Obama appointed Melanne Verveer as Ambassador-at-Large for a newly created office of Global Women’s Issues. “The President’s decision to create a position of Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues is unprecedented, and reflects the elevated importance of these issues to the President and his entire Administration. In her capacity as director of the Department of State’s new office on Global Women’s Issues, Ambassador Verveer coordinates foreign policy issues and activities relating to the political, economic and social advancement of women around the world.”

Her bio says among other things she is a member of the Council of Foreign Relation. That kind of raises my eye-brow. CFR is a sister organization of Chatham House, London, former Royal Institute of International Affairs. I know Obama has deep gratitude and respect for his mom and grandma and that is a very positive trait to have. This office is partnering with the Democratic Republic? of Congo against gender-based violence.

|Secretary Clinton will launch a fund for international women’s empowerment in Fall 2009. The money raised will go to combat violence against women and girls, promote girls’ education, and create economic opportunities for women. The fund will meet the critical needs of women and girls around the world, and will make a difference in their lives. See videos here.

Here’s Hillary’s 2003 speech in the CFR, asking us to return to American Internationalism.  Wonder whether it is a softer version of empire spreading the seduction for the American way of  life? See videos on farmers on the fringe & the battle for world economy

Obama appoints six women in Cabinet more than any incoming US President. That is something to appreciate.

I like to add that I love Obama and all those who support him. Disagreement with some of his policies is not hate.

The news of Obama winning the ‘Peace Prize’ was quite incredible and amusing.

Obama said “I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments but rather an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations,”  in the White House Rose Garden. The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” citing his fledgling push for nuclear disarmament and his outreach to the Muslim world.”

“Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.” – Buddha

What happens when the American leadership is misinformed and misguided by our own Intelligence, banksters, think tanks, Corporate lobbyists, media and by the leader’s own egoic weaknesses and popular ambition? I read somewhere most political leaders suffer from deep insecurity except a rare few. Isn’t it an irony we crave our leaders to make us secure.

Here is a fairly cautious and reasoned opinion from a veteran politician Ron Paul on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Here’s how Time Magazine captures Obama’s Diplomatic Efforts in the first eight months of his office.

US drone attacks continues in Pakistan & Obama authorizes continuation

Should we citizens continue to be paralyzed and confused by the Power of Nightmare (BBC clips on fictitious Al-Quida & made by USA Taliban)

US Government goes to youtube to involve and engage citizens and make government more responsible & transparent via CITIZENTUBE

See the preview of PBS Frontline Obama’s War, Oct 13, 2009

Obama sanctioned 21,000 troops for Afganistan, and another 13,000 support staff makes the number 34,000 today. [CBS News] If you care to read more on what Obama’s strategy and new direction for Afganistan is, visit Huffingtonpost.

Our presidents are just as honest and gullible as ‘we the people’ and bound by the same corrupted system as we all are or may be to a greater degree than the rest of us. I wonder how much Our Presidents use the words ‘peace’ and ‘non-violence’ in their speeches.There are some genuine small efforts going on for peace by Dennis Kucinich and Teach Peace Foundation

With mindful awareness war and violence becomes simply obsolete as a strategy for securing long term peace, security and prosperity for all citizens. Peace studies and teaching peace and non-violence must be a crucial component of high school and college education.

I wonder whether anyone cared enough to nominate the Brave women of Liberia for the Nobel Peace Prize?

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The first page of biweekly India Bulletin Aug 15. 2009 shows a picture of elementary kids in Mumbai with face masks on as swine Flu (H1N1) death toll in India rises to 17. In Mumbai, the financial hub of India, schools and colleges were closed for a week. The report says India has an ample stockpile of Tamiflu and expects to have a 30 million more capsules within weeks.

In the post 9-11 era in my own daughter’s school I had seen hyper vigilance being practised with regular fire drills and lock-ins. Children are being taught how to avoid all kinds of flu, go under table or chair or stand against the wall in the event some deranged kid or person starts shooting. I am no psychologist but to me this is nothing less than a form of child and adult human attitude and behavior conditioning based on very little fact and lot of speculation and fear mongering that are spread through mass media, national and global institutions alike.

See what Ron Paul has to say on repeat of Swine Flu scare and Homeland Security’s involvement this time around. An Investigative journalist inquires whether Swine Flu is Man-made?

An old 60 minutes Report done in 1976 talks about Swine Flu scare and neurological damges caused by the vaccine. This time around drugmaker Baxter files a patent for swine-flu vaccine a year ahead of he outbreak and gets the exclusive right from current administration.

As reported in Global Research on July 19, 2009 “The US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has just signed a decree granting vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuits that result from any new “Swine Flu” vaccine”. ” the major pharmaceutical company, Baxter, filed for a patent for H1N1 vaccine: Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1.

Obama declares Swine Flu a National Emergency on October 24.  First daughters are not getting the swine flu shot, despite CDC recommendation.

Some drug companies are positioned to make a lot of profit out of this false pandemic. Filmed at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccinations (sponsored by the Nat’l Vaccine Information Center) in October, 2009, listen to what these health professionals have to say!

Here is a post that gives you a link about what we can do about mandatory flu-swine-flu vaccination. LA Times actually reported Swine flu being milder and less deadly than normal cold or seasonal flu. And the vaccine appears to be potentially more deadly than the disease.

Here is more question and answer on Swine-flu at the professional social network LinkedIn

Codex Alimentarius (food code) may prevent access to natural cures, supplements, herbs and vitamins.

The best protection is not to watch TV or read news that makes you sick! I am going to meditate on health and count my blessings.

There are some videos about Obama having born in Kenya and not in Hawaii. That is perhaps not a source of great human concern, but the motivations of some of the  financial backers (e.g., George Soros, Goldman Sachs et al) behind his election may not be so.

See how Obama responds when asked about his membership in CFR? A little history of the CFR!

No wonder why our foreign policy and media keeps going so much against the true spirit and constitution of America.

A New Book “The Best Way To Rob a Bank Is To Own One” and a Bill Moyer interview. No real change in economic policy from Bush to Obama.

I am still not fluent with WordPress. Wanted to include a few things in my blog as  our nation is getting ready to inaugurate our 44th president Barack Obama in the oval office. This is surely a historic moment not only here in the US but worldwide and we are lucky to be part of it.

People’s Choice 2008: Interviews on Obama’s character and political skills

Here is a good overview from PBS Frontline on the sequence of important events that shaped Obama’s life. The episode is titled: DREAMS OF OBAMA

Some reflections from Obama’s contemporaries on how he got to be the Editor of Harvard Law Review and how he conducted it even handedly.

There is a discussion forum you may join.

  • Our outgoing president George Bush skillfully ducks an unflattered reception from a young reporter in Iraq.